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Odd Jobs and Outsiders is a supplement to Galactic 2E by Riley Rethal. It adds two new pillars, powerful new places, and odd traits to bring corporate conspiracy and cosmic horror to your game.

The Outsiders is a new pillar introducing an unknowable danger from beyond the Galactic Rim. Play to find out what it will take to convince the Mandate and Liberation to work together against an existential threat.

The Guild is a pillar representing the corporations and monied interests of the galaxy. Play to find out who benefits from a galaxy locked in a forever war.

The supplement also includes six new places to set your stories, from volcanos and sweeping canyons to urban plazas and palaces.  Six newtraits like enigmatic and stoic help flesh out the new pillars with fitting NPCs.

Inspired by the Yuuzhan Vong and the Corporate Sector from the EU novels, and the Canto Bight sequence from Last Jedi.


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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this looks neat! will this and 'Weird Little Space Freaks' pdfs ever get some cover art that matches the Itch pages? (the blue and copper)